Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Secret Garden #2

I am a country Girl born and raised in Texas…No other place like Texas!

Country life is slow and peaceful …No! No!… it was not always that way…. After 25 + years working in the Banking Industry and raising two Children, without me pulling my hair out and theirs as well!! who by the way have become respectful, successful adults; that I am so Proud of. I have had my days of stress.

Retirement is a gift from God. Believe me I am so blessed to me able to sit in my rocker on my deck …

Yep !! You Got It …when my gaze collides with My Secret Garden, here is where I lose track of the world. Sipping the elixir of sweet red wine from a Stemless wine glass. Enjoying the cool Country Summer breeze, gently stirring a graceful melody form the Westminster Chimes suspended from the eaves of the deck ……Along with American Flag Swaying to the rhythm of the wind.

Tranquilly - Peace- Serenity~~~~ doesn’t take much to make me happy ~~~I’m just a country Girl !!! ♫♫ So Blessed !

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