Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Discovery ~~~ Of Yellow Faces ~~~~~

My Secret Garden

A Bee Came to Dine

My Secret Garden #3

~~~~~~yellow faces following the sun~~~~~~~~~~

Take a walk with be in my garden, this lovely morning and let me show you the bright yellow faces I have discovered .

Oh Yes…..Just Look as the Giant Sunflowers left up their dancing faces to the early morning sun. The bees come to dine on the pollen from the beauty of the flower. The birds wait patiently for the seeds to become ripe for their taking.

What a Amazing Wonderful Morning in my Secret Garden.
Hey  Y'all !!!
Did you know ………These fun facts about Sunflowers ……………..

* sunflowers are  recognized worldwide for its beauty, and important source of food.

*One sunflower can have up to 2000 seeds.

*Sunflowers are a great choice for planting to attract birds to your yard

*There is only one flower on each sunflower stem

*Sunflowers originally came from the U.S

*Snacks are made from striped seeds

Sun shinning on the faces
*During growth, sunflowers Faces follows the sun, but stop once they begin blooming.

I dig in the Dirt !

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