Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Unique Gift Ideal~~ Check it Out ~~

~Unique Gift Ideal ~

Utility Apron ~Bottle of Wine

Looking for a unique gift for a hostess, House warming Gift, Block Party, A Thank you gift… are maybe a best Friend Gift !

Here is a very special and easy ideal.

This is what you will need !

Utility Apron handmade by Clemmie V’s only $20.00...LOL or other pocket apron and a Small Bottle of wine, your choice.  

 You could purchase a bottle of house dressing at your favorite Restaurant…….. or special blend of syrup for Tea~~~~ how about favorite coffee beans or special blend of coffee. Just a few ideals  !!

~Great Gift Ideal ~ 

Place bottle in deepest pocket, and roll up in Apron. Wrap Apron ties around and tie in a bow. Now you have a fun, special and unique gift ……..See how easy that was !

Deep pocket

~Fabulous Gift Ideal~


How Cute
Christmas is coming ….just the Apron along would make a wonderful gift.

Think Christmas ♫♫♫♫♪♪

What do you think?
Suggestion welcome on other useful fun ideals to wrap in Apron for special gifts.

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